How do you make a sock puppet mouth? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Youtube Tv Account

Use a long, wide mouth, with a wide enough opening for your thumb and index finger to freely move around. Using a pair of long, thick, straight, sharp, pointed needles, thread through the sock, creating a mouth. The mouth should remain relatively unclipped. You can also make a tongue that would fit over the mouth.

Note: You may be tempted to sew on a string, or something else that makes a mouth (like a balloon or rope). Doing so will not get the puppets work, because it would make your puppet impossible to see, as they will be hanging down inside your sock.

The easiest way to start is to just make an opening in the sock, and just tie off the ends. Now, to the trickiest part of making a body: making a tongue.
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If you take an ordinary sock from a local retailer, it should probably carry a tiny label with the word “Tongue.” So, if it does, it’s probably not a “Sock Puppet Mouth” from the same place as your local grocery store.

Here’s the thing with the ordinary sock puppet mouth: the mouth will close up when the sock is wrapped over the face, so it will appear to “blow into” the mouth. It’s not a practical mouth that anyone would actually want to open, because it is closed up from the inside.

If you want to make a puppets mouth, this tip comes in handy. Take a sock with a hole in the bottom of it, make it small, and tie a knot going around the bottom of the sock. (This isn’t a good time to practice tying your knitting. It seems silly if you do it at this time. If you don’t know how, see the next page.) This hole is where your thumb or index finger would be. Now, you want to pull the sock up over the head, creating a big opening to make the little hole. Now, pull the top of the sock up like so: when you get to the point where your thumb is above your index finger, pull it up like this: your thumb will be tucked into the pocket of your sock. You should be able to twist the sock down and out of your mouth. As you pull the sock from your mouth, the little hole should pop open. This is the opening you make with the tongue.

See that, there’s that trick again? So, how do you make this trick?

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