How do you draw pencil art? – Pencil Drawings Of Animals For Kids

My primary drawing instrument is the pencil. I will draw the first three rows on the grid, with a single line of space between each one, until I have written all the characters I need. I then work the first four rows, and start over. These are the same way that most children (and even adults) draw.

How long have you been drawing and what has brought you to this?

I’ve been drawing comics since high school, while attending the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. My father, who is an artist of great ability, was an art instructor at the university for two years. I went on to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in Graphic Arts.

Do you have a specific style or look?

My work often has a strong, geometric or angular quality, so it’s not unusual — in my own work anyway — to have elements that might be called “cartoonish” in a certain sense. My style is heavily influenced by cartoonists like Paul Smith, Stanislaw Lem, Jerry Ordway, and Bill Everett. I have also drawn with an affinity for a number of other cartoonists; I particularly love the work of Chris Ware, Jeff Jones, Paul Gulacy, Jeff Anderson, and Jeff Smith.

What do you look for in new artists, and what do you prefer about them?

I look for artists who are unique, but also bring something to the table that the rest don’t. They will probably have some of the same elements and techniques, but may bring something new and original.

What’s the best way to find some of these artists? Is it just finding your way to their work on the web, or finding them in comic shops?

Usually, you can find them in comic shops more often. Comics are available in all sorts of places on the web, including books, book-of-the-month club books, and on the publisher’s websites. That isn’t always the case, though, unless you’re in Chicago, but they are plentiful.

What is the difference between getting something drawn (like a line drawing or a color illustration) versus purchasing it (like a finished product)?

When there’s a good connection between artist and patron, there’s a good deal of money in it. My comic book sales have come up around 7,000 a month lately, so there’s obviously a demand for more work. I’m also selling something that is not in the comic book business — comic

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