How do you protect a pencil drawing? – Easy Pencil Sketches Of Girl

When you take a pen it gets wet. When you do your pen drawing or a pencil drawing, you have to clean away the fluid so that they have something to stick to. Some paper has chemicals that will dissolve the ink if you apply too much pressure. You have a sponge and a dry cloth to do it. You have a small brush to get the liquid out.

When you are drawing it’s easy to see if you have touched an eraser or to remove your hand (if it’s on the screen or paper).

Also, when the liquid gets on your skin or your clothing, it will burn and make you feel terrible. Make sure to cover your face and do some moisturizing after.

Here are some more tips:

Don’t touch the camera lens, it’s your drawing’s “face”.

Don’t touch the screen or paper.

If you have a camera and you’re at a party or other events, do not touch your computer.

Try not to touch the screen at home; if you need something to do on the computer, stick to this.

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