How do you sketch an eye? – Pencil Drawing Ideas

The following two videos are from the same session. The same person is standing right behind you and we are drawing his eye as he looks at you. We start by just drawing a few lines, then sketch one at a time with a brush. From there, I start making drawings.

First Draw

Second Draw

And that’s what we got out of this method:

36+ ideas for drawing easy step by step #drawing ...
I hope this helps you to see the possibilities of drawing eyes using only one canvas and a pencil!

I’m sure there are many other ways to create your own drawings and I’m not suggesting that you do anything that is not already very popular or that you don’t enjoy. Just look how much fun my son drew in our sketching session. He was like a superhero out there. I just hope that I have helped you to start to see some other angles and possibilities for drawing your own eyes.

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