Is a mechanical pencil a #2 pencil? – Drawing Techniques For Kids

No, mechanical pencils are #2 pencils, but they can be more expensive and have a bigger lead as compared to a #1 pencil.

Why use a mechanical pencil over a #2 pencil?

A mechanical pencil is very smooth to write with compared to a #2 pencil, and it can do so at a faster speed and with an edge on it. Also, writing with a mechanical pencil makes writing easier, and makes for easier drawing on it as compared to the usual pencils.

How big is a mechanical pencil?

The size and diameter of the lead in a mechanical pencil is different to a #2 pencil. This means there are more lead and less ink, because the lead is longer. The lead in a #2 pencil tends to be 1.2mm to 2mm, compared to 3mm to 4mm in a mechanical pencil.

When should I use a mechanical pencil?

You should always use a mechanical pencil for writing, as a 1st grade education, to draw, or for drawing on paper. When should you use a #2 pencil?

You can use a #2 pencil to write and draw on it, as long as you fill in the gaps between the strokes in a reasonable amount of time. This is important to do because it will help you to make sure the strokes are clean. You should not use the #2 pencil to draw on something wet like a wet toilet paper, as it will make it difficult to write with. You should never use a pencil which has a lead bigger than 4mm. There is no real point in having a bigger lead as the #2 pencil cannot hold more lead than that. You should only draw on a dry piece of paper.

When should I use the nib?

You should never use a nib which has more than 1mm of lead on it. This means the number of strokes you can achieve with the nib will be less.

Does the lead in a mechanical pencil have to be long to write well?

No, you can write with the lead of a #2 pencil at a faster rate and at the same speed without having to draw much with it. The lead in a #1 pencil has to be longer which means that you draw a lot faster.

Are there any disadvantages to a mechanical pencil?

Yes. A mechanical pencil is more difficult to sharpen, and therefore harder to make, than a #2 pencil which can sharpen itself.

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