Is a mechanical pencil a #2 pencil? – Easy Colored Pencil Drawings Of Landscapes

The following is a guide to help you manage all of the details of your WordPress website. In fact, if you’re planning a WordPress website yourself, you can save hundreds of dollars if you learn how to set up, configure and manage your website.

If you want to see a detailed breakdown for each of the steps in this guide, check out our WordPress Guide.

Step #1: Basic Configuration

With the basic configuration of your WordPress site complete, you should now setup the WordPress admin menu.

Follow the steps described in our guide on configuring the admin menu.

Step #2: Site and Theme Choosing

Finally, we’ll move on to the final step of optimizing your WordPress website: the choice between a site and theme.

To help you get started, here’s a brief overview of how sites and themes work on WordPress. Before we get to anything specifically, we strongly recommend you read our guide on choosing WordPress themes by setting up a free WordPress themes site. As a quick reminder, you’ll need to set up a theme site if you don’t have one.

To learn more about choosing a WordPress theme, check out our guide to choosing the best WordPress themes.

Step #3: Creating a New Site or Theme

Once you’ve configured the WordPress site and theme, we recommend creating a new site or theme.

Step #4: Configuring the WordPress Admin Menu

If you’re planning to manage your WordPress website by using WordPress management tools, like GitHub, or from a web browser, you’ll want to add the default page and post editing tools to the WordPress admin menu.

There are currently three options for adding these features:

Open the WordPress admin page and use the WP Administration menu.

Open your browser’s developer console and use the WP Administration Tools menu. You can create posts, pages, and sections in the admin with this page and edit any post in the console right from there.

Click Customize or Manage in the Admin menu.

Follow our guide to creating a WordPress theme to get you started.

Step #5: Customizing Your Settings

If you’re creating a custom theme, or if you’re creating a third-party theme, you’ll need to configure them using the Customize menu.

Here’s what options you’ll have available.

Click the Customize menu.
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Follow the on-screen prompts to setup all of the features you

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