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I always thought of it as heavy or more like a pencil in the same way that pen is a “fine” pen. It’s like I didn’t really get it. But, I got over it a half a month ago. My experience is that there’s this great feeling of writing with a pencil or writing on a page with a pen. Maybe less heavy, maybe more. Maybe that’s just me, but I really miss writing with a pencil. The pencil feels more like a nib.

So, it feels like a medium, but you can still use it as a small, medium, or even a large one.

That’s right. It doesn’t feel like a small, medium, or large, it always reminds me of it. I guess it’s sort of a middle of a line between small, medium, and large.
How to Find Measurements, Proportions, and Angles to Draw ...

It reminds you of what we think of as “pencil” when we use it.

Yeah, if you’re getting used to the idea of using a pencil in that way or if you’re just coming to an understanding of how a pen feels, then it’s a medium, because it has a light grip at the back of it. I still think it was not a medium at all when I started. It’s a medium now. It felt good to use.

But, it still feels like it’s a medium when we’re going to say, “OK, we’ve got two sentences to work on or an issue that we’ve just decided to tackle in our new anthology that we’re doing.” It doesn’t lose its bite like a pencil.

Why write a book about your life?

I’m just gonna come out and say it. I was inspired to do this by my dad. My uncle. He just passed away, and I’m not really sure how he died. We’re all in different areas of life and I just thought — I had some memories of him in my head, so I asked if he and his family were still alive, and he was. And I just thought that was pretty sweet. I was just sitting there, and I was like, “What could it possibly be? What could that be?” Like, you never ask. It just happened that it happened that I was sitting there and I thought, “Ah, I love it.”

You said you grew up in a very poor family?

I came from a very poor family, but my family didn’t go down into

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