Is there a number 1 pencil? – How To Give A Drawing Lesson

Yes, there is! No. I’ll say the one that we use on the cover of each set that we are using in that set:

1.2 – 1.4

1.6 – 2.1

2.5 – 3.0

Now that we have a general list of the pencils that we can draw I will go over specific styles of writing.

We’ll start with a quick list I learned from Paul Krassner:

The Black/White Pencil:

The Black/Black/Pink Pencil:

1.0 – 1.2

1.6 – 2.0

2.0 – 2.4

We will work our way through each of these on our own style. One of the best ways to practice drawing is by doing on pieces of paper. In fact, I would suggest that you spend as much time working on paper as you do pen and paper to get as comfortable as possible and then get a little bit of extra practice on paper for real. So far this has been one of my favorite ways to practice. When you are really comfortable doing on paper make sketch pads with a sharpie so you can write quickly and get a better feel for the lines that you are drawing.

2.0 – 2.3

How to draw Love on Hand step by step tutorial || Pencil ...
2.5 – 3.0

3.5 – 4.0

When I start to get better at drawing pen and paper can sometimes be an issue. If you are drawing on paper and drawing really quickly you may get a tendency to get some of the brush strokes to go in random directions as opposed to being straight in them. What I do try and do to help with this is make adjustments and try to make the strokes look more consistent. This is a good way to get the look correct. Once you have a pen and a pencil and your technique is good just continue on doing it.

This next video is a tutorial you should definitely watch. I really like it. One point I would like to point out is that the black dot in the video should be the left hand dot or at least the one that is closest to the screen and at first you may find it hard to identify. I would like to apologize for the video quality but I do not have any extra video editing software on my computer so I used Audacity. You will need to be able to click in/out from the top/right side of the screen to

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