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As a child, you may need to draw the same picture in different colors, because you have a limited number of paints! It’s also not difficult to draw a small figure or object using basic techniques, because it’s simple to draw without trying to draw something too complex. The key is understanding the basics, and then getting more practice to see how the different parts are connected with each other.

Do you plan to learn or practice any other drawing styles?

No, I just want to draw cute characters.

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“You’re going to be the future of this country — a real fighter, a real leader, a real commander in chief,” Trump said at the speech, noting how U.S. troops are leaving Afghanistan “at a record pace.” “You will also be a great friend to many nations.” (AP)

At his rally Thursday night in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump told the crowd, “You’re going to be the future of this country — a real fighter, a real leader, a real commander in chief.”

Now, in the days since his latest rally, the Republican front-runner is taking a swipe at President Obama’s handling of the terrorist threat.

Speaking at a rally in Wilmington, N.C., hours after a gunman in a church in Charleston, S.C., attacked and killed nine people who were members of historically black Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Trump focused less on his administration’s war on Islamic State (also known as Daesh). Instead, he told the audience, “When you look at Paris,” he added, the leader of the world’s Muslim population “didn’t make it out safe.”

Trump’s comments were not in response to a specific terror attack in France, but instead a more general reference to Obama’s leadership record in the Middle East.

Trump’s comments reflect a larger theme of his campaign: that international leaders who aren’t acting as he demands are weak. He also says they “won’t” stop him from becoming president. As he has frequently said that, America is doing “fine” as it stands, albeit he

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