What are the five basic skills of drawing? – Simple Pencil Drawing Ideas

As of now, we have: perspective, perspective orientation and perspective transformations. For an example of a useful drawing program for beginners, see our program for beginners (http://www.lulu.com/matthew-linton/drawing-beginners).

So, where does perspective come from anyway? In most people’s minds, if they saw three circles at the bottom of an oval it would look like three circles with different centers. A little digging around will show you how this can arise from 3 dots being placed at the corners of an oval. The 3 dots are called the center of the triangle and, coincidentally, the center of one of the circle dots is called the ‘center’ of the triangle and vice versa.

The problem is that a center is not always what we get, because there are many other factors that may define the center of an object (the corners, if you must know). To make matters worse, the fact that there are more points to consider does not mean we can ignore all the other factors. To help understand all the factors that need to be factored in, think about a box.

For simplicity I suppose this box is the same shape as the other ones we have seen so far. It is possible to think of the corners, however, as three independent and separate points (but they are all points, so the corners can be thought as separate points). Therefore, we do not see the same box here, even though there have been a few tweaks to reduce the size.

Here is what a simple 3-D drawing of our triangle would look like, using perspective to make it “pop out” a bit:

The triangle is very obviously centered along the x-axis, and in spite of the three dots being on the corners of the box, the box still has three points, one center, and the dots are placed on two of the points along the x-axis. There are also two points near the top left and bottom right which could be called the centre of our box.

Note the box is still a square (square is a straight line), but the point of view is different. The box has three independent points and has been converted to a point. It doesn’t matter whether we are comparing points on the box’s exterior as well as just the box itself. The point of view still says a lot about the box’s center. It does not need perspective to be visible.

You can play with this drawing tool

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