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What do you call a picture of a dog? A picture?

A picture? A picture is more than a picture. It’s the whole picture. It’s the entire experience of creation. A picture may be a single frame but if you’re not careful you can draw an entire person in the frame with only one little movement and then move away with no trace to indicate where you’ve been. A picture is so much more and the mind is so different and more complex than all of that.

I think there’s nothing wrong with a picture, I think it’s just a problem to put it into words when I think that people are still doing that.
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Can you explain this “liveness” of the picture? Are we just being passive observers, or active participants?

Liveness is the experience of being present throughout the drawing. A moment when the entire image is just there. And as we’re actually witnessing it as we’re drawing it. That’s our presence as it was when it was created. For me that’s where our energy comes from. It’s almost like if you’re watching a movie about a movie set and then you sit there watching and observing it, and suddenly you think to yourself, wow that was so cool when we put all of my ideas together. And the minute you bring it back into your mind you’re thinking, wow that’s so amazing when we put all of my ideas together.

Are people just being passive or active participants in what we call a picture?

I find active participant is like watching the whole movie from beginning to end. It’s not like watching a movie when you’re at the beginning. You’re watching it on a different wavelength. What I’m looking for is a feeling in the picture, the feeling of something happening as the picture is created. For example a scene of a wedding. In which you’re watching a couple getting married and it’s just going on as it goes on, but there’s an energy around it, an energy that’s so vibrant you can feel it moving. It makes you feel you’re there in the film.

What if we want to move on to another drawing from a different perspective?

I’m interested in the creation, and what that means. Is there an emotion there being expressed, is there a reaction? The first thing I had to do was try to understand what I was feeling, what I was experiencing, and that’s when I thought to myself, hey, if we understand then we

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