What does 2 HB mean on a pencil? – Simple Black And White Pencil Drawings Of People

“A small pen with an ink well underneath or the ‘double-banked’ nib. A regular ‘double-bodied’ pencil can be referred to as ‘double-bh’ or ‘double-bh’.

“A medium pen which has a ‘double-bb’ or ‘double-bb’.
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“A large pen with a ‘double-bh’ or ‘double-bh’ and a nib ‘double-bh’.”

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Gov. Steve Beshear said Wednesday that Kentucky is among more than 50 states that have not adopted the federal Defense of Marriage Act, and he said he is working with Congress to move to amend the federal law.

In his first comments since his state’s Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is legal, Beshear said Kentucky’s constitutional amendment will come up in 2014. He also said the governor would take actions to make sure Kentucky is not penalized by the federal government for not following the law.

“They have been very clear to me of their desire to do what is right, but they haven’t done right,” Beshear said of the federal government.

The Supreme Court ruled in June that Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriage in 2004 was unconstitutional. Earlier Wednesday, the court allowed gay marriage in Kentucky if the state legislature passes a new law permitting gay marriage and if the state Senate and House approve it.


Beshear said he was still working with the legislature to pass a bill legalizing gay marriage and said there are some bills being pushed in the House of Representatives that make it more difficult for Kentucky to lose federal funds.

Beshear also said he had spoken to House Speaker Greg Stumbo, R-Louisville.

“I said to Speaker Stumbo, we’ve got a situation here,” Beshear said. “He had to ask if I was going to come down there and make this happen. And we said we were going to do that.”

Stumbo said there was “something of value” in working to make sure Kentucky is not penalized by the federal government.


“And by doing that, you’re going to help bring the state into compliance with the Constitution, which is something we need to do, and also help bring this issue forth here in Kentucky with a chance for it to get resolved,” Stumbo said.

Beshear did acknowledge that not everyone

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