What is a pencil made of? – Cool Colored Pencil Sketches


The answer is an old pencil that is called a quill, because it is usually a quill made of charcoal.

Forks and Needles

The first things to consider when using any materials like paints or quills are what size they are. If they are thinner that a nail or a pencil then just cut it down, and if it is thicker the scissors will cut it more neatly.

How to draw a pencil

The pencil should make a continuous line by its length with no interruption.

If you don’t know just how to make a continuous line cut the line with your scissors. If it looks like a little bit of a curve then it isn’t a pen.

If you want to do drawing over something the line should be continuous, like for a drawing.

To draw a line cut a smooth line on the paper where ever you wanted to cut the line. Then cut the pencil with a sharp little knife.

How to draw a pencil that makes a continuous line

Once again this is not as easy as it looks.

To keep the line smooth cut the first stroke of your pencil as smooth as possible. Then make a line along the back of your pencil with the line above it cut.

When the line looks like a curve cut it a bit thicker so the line will keep growing in length.

Draw a line on your paper that looks like a straight line and cut the middle section (the one on your pencil) from the left to right.

Now the pencil should have a slight curve. The next step would be cut some little cuts with a razor blade.

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Once again, I would do this in the drawing hand.

Draw more lines on the paper that look like straight lines on the pencil and cut them a bit thicker so they don’t turn out sharp.

It is usually very easy to make a line. This step isn’t essential for this drawing, but will make it look more professional.

How to draw a pencil that makes a diagonal line

I don’t think that you would be able to make a diagonal line without using your scissors too much. But I think it makes a cleaner line when you see a gradient, like in this picture.

The diagonal line that we want to draw is between the lines which I have marked in grey.

To make a diagonal line you cut a cut into a piece of paper, from point A

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