What is a pencil made of? – Easy Pencil Drawing Pictures Of Nature

A pencil is made of steel that’s cooled down and shaped into a sharp edge and a hollowed-out cavity for carrying ink. (The two are a perfect match — except for the nib that’s filled with a liquid).
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What’s the most valuable thing on earth?

The most valuable thing on earth is a pencil. It’s the most valuable thing you have. What else could you have?

Which one is my favorite?

The one that looks the best. It’s a very serious question that’s always been asked of me and most of the time I’ve answered that it doesn’t matter which one.

Do you know where the nearest art museum is?

Yes, I know where it is. It is right next to my car. I go there to buy a $50 gift certificate to the gallery of the artist who painted the mural on my car.

Does that make me attractive?

No way. If you had been attracted to a girl based on her art, you’d probably be a lot older and a lot more attractive. But I could probably live with that. I do love the work.

Is there a woman who you really wish would die?

Most definitely.

But I’d have to pick her, right?

Oh, that’s a different question. The most likely candidate would be that girl out of the art museum that I mentioned earlier. But it’s not because I’m a sentimental person.

Do cats actually have souls?

I think they do.

Do cats actually have souls?

They can’t have souls, because the soul comes from outside the body, which is a bad thing.

Which one is your favorite?

The one with the tail. I was wondering what you meant by that. What does it signify? It just means that that tail is nice. You can have a tail and still have feelings. You just might have to move around a little bit.

Which one is your favorite song?

I am really a big sports fan.

What one song do you hate listening to?

The one by the band The Cure. That was the one everyone talked about the most when they first played it.

Which one is your favorite song?

That one by the group The Strokes.

Would you rather sleep with your best friend or with someone else on the other hand?

If I

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