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Why should I draw? I want to make a drawing. I want to make a sketch. When you draw, you’re thinking about the whole scene. A sketch is more about the details of the scene, like details on my hand or around my face, and a drawing is more about the idea. For example, your sketches might have an idea about how someone would sit or if she’s wearing a dress. But a drawing isn’t limited to that, but it’s about the whole thing. This isn’t about copying or doing it the way you saw it on the Internet or doing it in a book. In any case, drawing is a process of thinking about the idea, which makes it different from the process of drawing or sketching. I think it’s important to realize that drawing is also an activity of interpretation — about your mind trying to get a sense of how something looks or acts. But my main point is that these processes are inextricably bound to the world. To get to the point that I’m telling you what your life should be like, you have to understand the whole world’s way of doing things and try to bring it into your understanding. And if you can’t figure it out, what’s the point of drawing at all? You get that feeling when you’re not drawing. In a letter to one of my colleagues, I wrote: The world’s way of doing things is changing, because in our era it’s much more important to be able to think about the world. Our society is increasingly driven by an ideology of individual identity. Most people spend a lot of time trying to define themselves through what they’ve done or not done. If you’re not doing something right, you’re expected to define yourself, you’re expected to look at what you’re doing and figure out whether or not you’re doing it right. It’s pretty demoralizing. It’s a way of looking at people. What I’m saying is that you can’t help but learn to think and talk about other people, because they’ll also have to be thinking and talking about you, especially while living in a society that’s not like yours. Your life will have to be about someone else, and I imagine not all that exciting. What do we mean when we say we’ve been talking about someone else lately? Well, I just talked to my friend, which I’ve done in many chats on the Internet. He told me that in his first interview, we talked about his recent divorce. We had a nice chat, so I
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