What is difference between sketching and drawing? – Best Apple Pencil Drawing Apps

Sketching means doing something to make something appear.

Drawing means imagining a final result and producing it.

How can a person learn to draw?

I recommend you read books like “From Elegance to Fancy: A Sketch-Book Approach to Sketching,” by John O’Brien. John has been teaching sketching and illustration for years, and he has a great book which may work for some people. I love his book for this reason.

If I learned to draw from the old fashioned book, how do you teach yourself to draw from your computer?

I’m a big fan of Photoshop, but it’s a bit tricky to teach yourself for an intermediate learner. There are a lot of videos online, where you can learn to create your own illustrations. If you just want to learn, and you don’t understand the theory behind the technique, I strongly advise reading books like John O’Brien’s “From Elegance to Fancy: A Sketch-Book Approach to Sketching” or Robert Widdicombe’s “How to Sketch a Picture.”

How does a professional illustrator come up with ideas?

An illustrator comes up with ideas quickly because they see them all the time. They see different things from all over the world and that helps them.

How do you like being a teacher today?

Great! It’s all fun, learning, experimenting, and learning from other artists’ mistakes. As a teacher, it’s just a wonderful, fun, rewarding, creative experience that many illustrators enjoy.

How did you become an illustrator?

I’ve always been interested in art, and wanted to see if I could draw. When I was a kid, I took art lessons and got my first book, which is an instructional drawing manual. When my sister bought me a painting, I said I want to be an illustrator. And so I went to the National Gallery in London and got an apprenticeship.

What kinds of things are you doing now?

I’d love an open mind about life, and to explore it in new ways, as it’s important to have a new outlook on life, not only for our own personal development, but to have a positive impact on what others think and feel.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on a number of visual education projects including paintings and a book called “The Great Gatsby.”

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