What is difference between sketching and drawing? – Simple Pencil Sketches Of Flowers

Sketching is an interactive process of drawing to give a concept to the audience. Drawing a diagram or drawing with paint on paper is an interactive exercise.

One of the two basic ways to sketch is to use a pencil, or a drawing tablet. You can also draw in pencil, with a digital computer (such as a tablet or a computer, or a small mobile device), as seen in the drawing diagram below on my website.

To take advantage of the sketching space, you can make a map while you’re drawing. You can even make a sketching notebook if you have one that can hold at most 500 pages, which is how many pages you’ll need to draw, depending on your size. This drawing space can be very useful when you’re sketching. If you’re too afraid of using too much ink, try putting this sketching space into another place.

The following sketching technique is how I draw, and it looks the same every time. I’m still not a great artist, but I’m getting there.

If you’d rather view the full-size sketch in larger image formats and/or download it, please visit my website 😀

Here’s my free digital sketchbook with more art examples

Note: Please understand, this is NOT a drawing tutorial. It was an exercise, and you can apply much of this to anything you do.

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