What is the softest pencil? – Easy Colored Pencil Drawings Of Girls

I would say the cheapest (and lightest) is of course the #5 pencil that comes in 5 pieces. They range in brightness from 250 to 1200, but I usually don’t use that much as I use cheap plastic pencils too. The #6 pencil can be found for around $3.00 USD if you take out the pencils, and some people may use #9 pencils for this as well. The #14 pencil is for something more exotic (and expensive) if you are willing to buy extra plastic in that pencil. Those are the most cheap of the pencils. (I will not be offering the #3 or #40 if you feel that the pencils are really needed. If it is a special project for you I will, however)

What is the hardest pencil?

Hardest pencil that I will offer is made in the USA. (Yes. You read that right. This is an all-envelope pencil)

But seriously, the #2 pencil is the toughest pencil I have ever seen. It is only a little over 3mm in thickness, which is super-hard by pencil standards.

I will be offering a #22 pencil, that comes in a variety of colors, as well as a #25 pencil, which is a little “light” and will work especially well if you use it for drawing in light or low light situations. Both of these pencils are made in the USA, I promise.

What is the most expensive pencil?

The #7 pencil is the most expensive pencil I am offering, (which I will be able to pay for). You will find a range of colors in this pencil, but it will also be one of the very first pencil to be offered in the colored plastic version.

It is really only available in $7+ sizes, if that is easier for you and you can be selective with what color you want. I will also be providing two samples pencils if you order more than one. There are other pencils available in all of these sizes as well, which would only be on the list for more complicated projects. (This is not to say that you have to pay for anything when you purchase a pencil from me, but you will know what the price point will be when your project arrives).

The most expensive pencil, with the two samples pencils that it comes in. I will also be providing some samples pencils (if ordered a 2).


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