What is the softest pencil? – Free Charcoal Drawing Lessons

A ballpoint. It’s just soft and it’s going to go right across without scratching, I’ve read in a lot of books that ballpoint pens are a better pen for children than the ones that come with watercolor paints. So they may still find the pencil easier to work with than a watercolor or a watercolor with acrylics. I also read that a brush works better for children, that when you are drawing a child’s mouth, there are no hairs to work with. I thought that was pretty awesome, and I still don’t have kids but I’m thinking about buying a brush.

I did see that there are some watercolor paints that can be used to draw lips without drawing a mouth that would actually be kind of cool. I did say that I’m working on getting around to coloring more children’s books; the next one I’m going to be working on has to be one of those fairy tales. That’d be great.

Oh, and in regards to the one I’ve heard that if you start at the middle with a pencil, you will never work your way towards a great line or anything. I’d like to go look at some watercolor that doesn’t have teeth or it doesn’t have a line. The last one I can’t say, I’m kind of in that camp. That one you’re better off just having open-ended lines and letting the kids do whatever they want with it. But I’ve got to say I can’t get over the idea of the pencil. Just look at the line work on that drawing with the way that the pencil is contoured to the figure, how it’s made, that line that runs around the edge, and it’s just amazing. It’s just such a great thing to do with a pen. I am a pen person more than a pencil person.

Mandy: How does one use a pen versus using a pencil?
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Pam: I do the same thing, but with an eraser.

Mandy: That’s my two cents.

Pam: If I’m drawing in a book or drawing in print, I’m just using it like my pencil and erasing the line where I’m not in the right place. With a ballpoint pen though, I’ll actually let my kid decide because I like the way this pencil is contoured in the middle and I like that he can shape the pencil himself and do whatever he wants with it. I’ll let him decide how long to make

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