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(It is an interesting definition, not entirely without merit)

You and your brother may not have ever seen a great painting, but you have never seen a terrible one. If you do see one – it is usually from a period of your childhood when other people might have looked at such a work. You can also find a real painting in a basement and find yourself saying to yourself – what did I see?

I think it starts with being a child. When you are a little boy, the world and the things you see around you – it could be beautiful, but there is also something disturbing and threatening about it. Most of us start with the idea that our lives and experiences are beautiful, but as a child we find that all this stuff is frightening, and the world could be a really frightening place to live in. You may start off as a “good kid”, a good kid who respects people and does good things, but once you’ve been in public for a long time, or have had a lot of experience going to certain places, the world becomes a hostile environment.

If you get this sense of the world, it’s like starting a garden in the back of your mind – something you’re going to have to put up with, because this garden is going to be there, and it may very well be nasty. The garden will be full of plants, there’s all sorts of wildlife, and you just have to be careful not to get cut.

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You see, we are very much dependent on the environment in which we live. When people see a painting on the wall – it is a picture of how people have looked at the world, and what they do. What they are saying is what they have seen, in their minds. Their eyes are not “seeing” a painting on a wall. It is like a very vivid film-strip with a number of frames, and we see and understand that it is “all over”. We all have a vivid impression of what we have seen and what we have not. So, we see the world through a pair of glasses, a pair of glasses that we are supposed to have had all along.

I think the reason people go around looking at paintings and pictures, as in art exhibitions – and when they go into schools and universities – it really does come back to your childhood.

If you were in a classroom, or a public school – you would be looking at stuff. Even when you are in the back bedroom, you are

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