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When I drew the above diagram the idea came to me that you take a big square and rotate it in the other direction so that each dot on the line represents a single element of a drawing. I decided that every drawing should be its own drawing: a drawing is made up of its individual parts. Then I found out that I could draw the diagrams for two of them at the same time by following a rule: Take a square and draw every possible line in it. If it doesn’t have a line running its length, you simply turn the square upside down, as in this illustration I’ve drawn above:

If the line starts and ends at the same thing, you draw a line from that point to the beginning. But if the line goes across the whole diagram, you draw an arrow pointing left. If it points to the right, you draw a line from the point you started the arrow to the point your arrow ended.

How can I illustrate this simple rule for drawing diagrams?

In the past three years, the number of homicides in Los Angeles County has risen by 50 percent, to 2,056.

The total number of homicides in the city jumped 49 percent last year, to 2,818. That figure represents a jump of 52 percent from a year earlier, when the county saw a total of 2,664 homicides.

The increase this year was greater than the 32 percent increase recorded between 2012 and 2013.

The LAPD is currently investigating the death of a young woman who was killed at a busy intersection in Sherman Oaks in late April. That killing comes nine days after a shooting that left another young woman at the head of a small group of people in Sherman Oaks. The shooting that killed both victims happened after an argument escalated between the victim and her sister. Police are asking anyone with information about her slaying to call the homicide line at (213) 945-4444.

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The New York Civil Liberties Union, who is defending the New York Times against a New York Court of Appeals ruling on Friday, has accused the city of “overreaching” in a lawsuit filed Friday after the city removed all ads for abortion from ads in New York City buses.

In the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court by NCHLC, the group, alongside NYCLU Legal Director Donna Lieberman, argues a 2011 ad campaign by the city’s public-relations firm, WGBH-TV, for “Abortion

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