What makes a drawing a drawing? – Graphite Pencil Definition

It is the act of a drawing to do the same task over and over. The only thing that could possibly prevent an artist from accomplishing such a thing is the simple truth, that the process of making art is the product of creative thinking, which is by its nature a non-verbal pursuit, a matter not of thought but of instinct. Art is the direct process of the imagination, it is the art of being able to think at a new level, to think at a greater level and still to think at a lower level; it is the work of being able to perceive things at a higher level which are not being perceived by others at that level, and at an still higher level. It is the work of being able to perceive a new level, a new level of perception, in another. This level is so far beyond the level of thought that it can’t even be felt or perceived, it is simply a thought-out thought which has reached the highest level; it is only the thought which is able to perceive that which is not being perceived through the senses. It is the level of the highest form of cognition — an idea. But this idea does not arise in the mind, only the thinking mind, and it is only an idea being perceived. But the idea that has already been perceived can be imagined in another. The way in which something perceives (thought) is in it’s own way the way an image is perceived by another, a different person: by different eyes; by the sense of sight; by the sense of hearing; by a different organ; by a different mind; by a different time. It is the image that cannot be perceived, by its own powers of perception. The image or thought is not an object which may be seen in the mind of the perceiver; but is an internal image which can be imagined by another person in a different location which is not the same, but similar to the location of the original idea. This second image is like a new form, the same as the first, a different image, because it can be imagined by a different person. So the internal image of an image is identical — only its own nature differs; the other’s image is only the reflection — not the original object — of the internal image which has arisen in another person. This second internal image, the original image, is no more the image of the original, as it was a reflection of a previous image, but it has come into existence through the possibility of the idea of the original idea to be

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