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(4) A light and dark green on one side or the other. Does it help or hinder? Is it better? How about, “A light and dark yellow on one side, and a white on the other.” (5) Or is that really what you want to see? The answer to those questions is, “Not really.” (6) Which is darker? (6a) A light on one side or dark yellow on an otherwise light green background. In the above example the light is not yellow, but the white does stand out. (6b) A white on one side and a black on the other. In the above example, no distinction has been made between the two colors.

The most often asked question regarding color grading is, “Which is darker, a deep blue or a deep purple? They are actually similar shades of white but the purple comes from the left-hand side versus the right-hand side. This is because the natural right-hand side is lighter than the left-hand side. So you have a white on one side and then a purple or light purple on the other. You could, of course, use the two together for an intense contrast and also keep it evenly lit all the way across. When we talk about “darkness,” however, we don’t necessarily mean only one of the two colors being darker. The color of either of the colors would have to be more intense than the other color. So, the answer to this is not really that dark. In this example, a blue has more strength than a purple or a deep red. The deeper blue would be used instead of the more intense red. The darker purple or color of your choice would come from the left-hand side.

As for “light and dark green on one side or the other,” the natural right-hand side will have more green than the left-hand side. So, the deep blue would be used instead of the deep green. In other words, a color gradient is a way to create an extreme separation between the colors.

In addition to using color for separation, the other reason color is so important is that it allows your photographs to be reproduced. Light is a color, and a very important color. But it is one that is difficult, if not impossible, to reproduce.

All of this begs the question of how you would choose the hue. First, you may want to use other materials to choose the color and then see how it responds in the photograph

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