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This one is tricky. If the background colour is grey, your image is going to show through to the edges of your canvas. If the background is black, then your image will be hidden. So you either have to darken the background to reveal your artwork, or you have to use a contrasting colour to get a clean separation.

My canvas is almost entirely grey, but the white stripes are slightly grey

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So, there is a grey/white choice of background. It will do very well in a black/white image, but a grey/white image will be more effective in combination with different colours.

My canvas has very dark gray walls

This might be a good idea if the background is completely black. You can create a shadow and get an interesting illusion of depth – an illusion which makes a great contrast with something like a black wall!

My background is dark grey, but there is a little light around the door so I’m not thinking about depth in this shot.

There is little to be said here; the background is black, so the illusion of depth does not work here, however, its very easy to blend in a few colours to create a solid contrast!

I have some black/white walls with large amounts of white stripes

If you don’t have the contrast to make the white stripes stand out from the black background, the white colour can appear to stand in for the black background.

My canvas has very dark gray walls, but the walls are also very dark grey.

I have a huge white wall

The only way to blend this really dark grey background into the white wall is very dark, very dark gray or a white gradient. This is why you can get amazing results with very dark backgrounds, with very light backgrounds, and very white backgrounds. This technique is not as much for creating a strong vertical line, which can make a very nice effect. However, with this technique, its best used with very dark backgrounds – to create that “wow” effect that makes you want more details.

Do I have to adjust my image to avoid a dark background?

No, it is really not a problem. Its most important that the colours are right – don’t try to match the background to your images – remember, the colours used to create the contrast or the lightness will change the effect you are going for.

In fact it is not necessarily advisable to try to adjust an image to avoid a dark background

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