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Why do we have to throw them away after a while? Why are the yellowed pens, ballpoint pens and fountain pens the only things left in the office when staff members are away? Why are there no other writing utensils in the office, unless the staff member who needs them is using one or another? Why are other people’s pencils in some of the other offices, while the staff members’ pencils are all the way in the basement?

If you are one of the people whose pencils have turned yellow, you might be experiencing this disorder called ‘retinal atrophy,’ which means your eyes are not developing properly as it should be after a person becomes an adult. The eye is an organ so important to your health that it is usually removed at the age of 15 or younger. Your eyeball will continue to mature, but after that, its supply of nutrients, oxygen and waste will dry up. You may get sick more, and have a much longer lifespan without a healthy eye.

I have been writing for years on why this ‘retinal atrophy’ is a huge problem in our society in an attempt to address it. Here is what has been written about my paper, and why you would benefit from reading this paper to understand more about your own life.

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