What is telekinesis power? – Super Easy Magic Tricks For A Large Crowd

Telekinesis is an advanced, but very specific, force of nature. By force of will and a degree of coordination, an individual is able to generate and manipulate objects and movement. This power can be used by both humans and animals. All telekinesis has a limited range and should only be used to a limited degree. The range of this power can be measured by the difference in force and/or the distance to the target (or object(s), as the case may be)), usually measured in feet. One pound will move the same distance as two to ten pounds. The force and distance to the target must equal or exceed that of two hundred to a thousand pounds. Also, one pound of force can propel a large object. Therefore, the user must be able to generate sufficient force to propel large objects, and they must be very skilled in using this power.


A magician can do tricks that could never be made by the common man.

A warrior can do feats impossible by a simple man.

The powers of a person with telekinesis are varied and can be dangerous even in an uncontrolled state.

The only thing telekinesis will allow for is a person to control someone else’s body.

What is telekinesis damage?

Teacher: We have been fighting the dragon attack. It is going faster than any human mind could possibly compute, sir.

Student: What’s it doing?

Teacher: The force has pushed the door on the opposite wall of the classroom.

Student: Is that dangerous? Is it gonna blow up in my hand or something?

Student: Yes I’m worried, professor.

Teacher: A telekinetic force of some kind is destroying the door. It is very difficult to describe. The door’s going all sideways!

Student: It’s just a door.

Teacher: Oh my God I haven’t even seen such awful looking doors before!

How does one gain control of a telekinetic force?

It is easy in the long run to learn the powers of these beings. You can gain control by teaching your own child. Once he/she has a grasp of the powers, the control will come naturally. Another great way is to be at an event where the powers are being demonstrated. You are able to understand a telekinetic’s power, at least an elementary one. And if you are

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