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I guess not, maybe once you’re past the age of 30 you’ll be able to buy a casino and the odds of winning are very small. But for now, I’m working in an industry that doesn’t need a big salary. But if I get lucky and have enough to retire, I’ll certainly enjoy it.

Do you have any personal heroes?

There are a couple of guys that I watch on TV. I’d say one is [former Minnesota Vikings punter] Phil Dawson. He’s played a lot of roles and is one of the best on-the-fly punters in the business. And then there’s a guy who I’ve been following ever since I started reading comic books. He comes from the comics so obviously there’s some similarities, if not exactly the same approach. But he’s just been doing more dramatic action characters.

How old are you?


What’s your job at the time?

I’m a receptionist at an office building, making $12 an hour. But I also run the blog, which is all about comic books and film production.

Are you really that geeky?

I like pretty much everything with science or math in it – from astronomy and physics to the mathematics of how a car works to how to make a nuclear reactor. But I wouldn’t classify myself as totally geeky. I’m definitely not a scientist. So do I actually need to be a professional wrestler to call myself that?

You sound like a professional wrestling fan.

[Laughs] There ya have it. I like to read books on the side, and when I do read it’s because they come with a little note saying ‘don’t be so stupid about this!’ but I also try to be an engaged reader.

How do you manage to keep a straight face when you read that note?

It’s actually kind of a blessing because the more I read the more it makes sense.

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When did you realize that you wanted to be a writer?

It started as a comic book. I loved comics from the age of 14. I read an Archie comic when I was a kid. I had a very specific character to follow that I thought that my comic would translate well into the world of comedy. And after I read a few issues I thought it made sense enough to call my first novel a comic.

How much did your father help you turn your hobby into

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