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A culture? A new breed? Who or what is behind the creation of so many new forms and genres of music that make us feel different? I’ll explain. (Don’t worry if you have no idea what hip hop is. It does not exist. No one has ever actually created a record called The Fucking Future – or even a song on that album – before.) It is important to point out that a Hip Hop culture is not a new breed of culture. It is the result of a culture, of thousands of years of history. Hip Hop is a culture, not a sub culture.

Hip Hop is a musical culture. It’s music, from all cultures, in its own unique way. But it’s also art. Art made in the age of mass media, for mass consumption. Art made by those who are already making money in the music business – the ones making money by selling to big record labels or publishing services. They are the creators – but they aren’t the actual performers. They are just the producers. The best Hip Hop producers are already making huge sums of money just by making and releasing music. They are the ones making it. And Hip Hop represents the beginning phase of a new musical industry. Hip Hop is the first musical subculture where artists pay money to record companies, publishing companies and other distributors to be on record (their record). Now, I didn’t say this is a new genre. It isn’t. It’s just the stage the last few generations of recording artists have been playing out. It’s the last stage before the next stage starts. And we are in the middle of just that next stage now.

The history of Hip Hop was written by the artists and the record labels. The first few years were like the last stage of the previous stage. And those first few years were like the beginning of this new one. But in a lot of ways that last stage wasn’t any different from the last stage. It was only the new stage that was totally different.

It doesn’t matter what era it was in until this point – it’s still all about the music. The music has always been what’s central to the whole. When you look at the history of the last forty years, what you see is the continuation of hip hop as a culture. You don’t see it as a separate culture with its own distinct elements. Hip Hop is about the music and its expression. It’s not about the artists.
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A culture is a group of people that

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