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Belly dancing can create a strong sense of identity, and the physical appearance of people’s dance moves can make a big difference. According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men’s belly dancing increases both their likelihood of having sex with a woman and that they rate their partner as more attractive than their friends who don’t dance.

In general, dancers’ body shapes have been linked to their attractiveness from a long history of research.

One study from the 1980s found women who practiced belly dancing “in the manner of a typical African-American woman” were rated as less sexy than those who danced like white women. Researchers speculate the difference could have been because belly dancing resembles some aspects of black culture, but it may also be because belly dancing is considered feminine.

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The best-selling British horror book for children—I was the last one to see its opening on Christmas Day—is about as far from traditional child’s reading as you can get. It’s filled with monsters, magical creatures, curses etc., and although the book starts slowly, it just keeps building, and it’s a hell of a fun read.


So, what makes this British author’s book so special? The answer is simple. You can’t read a children’s book about evil, demons or curses without knowing more about those things than your average human. I’m not suggesting that every child should read Robert MacMillan: it’s an author with whom I’ve got no particular sympathy whatsoever. What I’m trying to say is that one can only read this book because you’ve learned something about the nature of this world, and that you can’t do that without having an understanding of the characters you come across.

If the author had wanted to be preachy, I wouldn’t have objected: his books always are. But I think the book could have been just as memorable if MacMillan had stuck to more traditional horror themes. Instead, his tales are filled to overflowing with all manner of creatures and monsters of every description. If the idea of demons being born is as scary to you as we think, it’s hard to imagine how it can leave quite a mark.

And so his book takes on so many more terrifying topics than just that. You’re not just faced with demons; the creatures are, of course, not only terrifying but also fascinating, and they’re often even smarter than usual. That is one thing that

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