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In this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly (via The Hollywood Reporter ), Ryan Murphy talks to EW about his first foray into the world of Netflix on Saturday Night Live during its eight-year run; his thoughts about the reboot/reboot of the ’80s-set supernatural drama Lost; his hopes for the third season of American Horror Story Season 7; and much, much more.

EW: The movie and book that inspired the first installment [American Horror Story: Coven] were very different. In fact, I don’t know if I was aware that those books were written in the 1960s. Did you read or read the book at all?

Ryan Murphy: [Laughs.] I read the book, but I didn’t read the movie.

ESQ: It’s interesting because you’re very familiar with the show and with its creators but you don’t follow the writers very closely. That doesn’t surprise me. Because they do a very good job of not revealing anything at all.
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Maddie Ziegler: My first time actually seeing it was when I got the Blu-ray, when we were on location shooting.

EW: Did you know [show creator] Ryan Murphy was going to be attached to write or executive produce?

MW: I met him because he was on the other side of the country, so there were two shows for the two of us, but we got together and I knew of him, but he didn’t know of me because I only knew of our work on season four.

The first time I met him I met him over lunch. I was like, “I have to meet you. You had to be

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