Does Belly dancing make your stomach bigger? – Belly Dancing Tutorial

We’ve all done it. If you’ve ever done belly dancing, chances are that the thing that gets the most attention was the belly. You can see how a belly moves when it dances, but this movement seems like some kind of mystical force that’s beyond human control. And that’s how I feel when I see the stomach when it’s dancing. I feel that when the belly moves it’s creating an energy that’s invisible and intangible that’s really powerful.”

Dr. Vesser and his colleagues found that belly dancing can actually increase gut hormone levels, but not in the same way that the belly may boost the body’s immune system. They conclude: “The physiological effects of belly dance may be limited and less powerful than those produced by abdominal exercises.”

What does belly dancing actually do for your health?

We’ve been taught for a long time that exercise and diet are the key to our health and we’ve often heard that belly dancing is one of the best ways to make our abdominals work more efficiently. But is belly dancing really good for you?

Dr. Vesser and his colleagues have found that belly dancing may actually cause negative health changes and may increase our risk of type 2 diabetes. Studies have found that belly dancing may make you more susceptible to a number of health problems:



Impaired glucose control


Impaired sleep


Heart disease


“We don’t know if belly dancing helps you lose weight or if it has any other positive health effects, but it may actually have been responsible for some negative health changes like anxiety and depression,” Dr. Vesser said.

Does belly dancing work if you’re overweight?

Dr. Vesser says yes, and it has a wide range of healthy benefits that most of us can benefit from.

“There is a significant correlation between belly dancing and being less overweight,” he said. “It turns out that belly dancing is correlated with an increase in blood glucose levels and it works the same way that a good diet does.”

What are a number of health benefits of belly dancing?

“There are a lot of health benefits from belly dancing. I’ve gotten several emails from students telling me they’ve been trying to explain to their instructors why they get so much satisfaction when they do belly dancing,” said Dr. Vesser. “[T]he most common message I

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