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Belly dancing was first popularised by dancers in the 1930s and 1940s before later embraced by British women, many of whom still practice it today.

It is one of the most popular body dance styles and may be more popular in Europe than in America or Asia.


As you would expect, the shape of your belly does give you an hourglass figure. But unlike any other body art, Belly Dancing is a technique that is based on repetition and practice – it teaches your body the body language to be comfortable, confident and confident in any situation. Because Belly Dancing relies on repetition, this gives your body muscles the opportunity to rest and recover with daily exposure to each other, as opposed to the typical body work that is performed on an individual basis.

What is breath control?

Breathing exercises have been one of the most effective ways of improving your breath control (also known as “hindrance control”), helping you learn to regulate your breathing more effectively. For example, exercises such as the belly dancing technique (which we also describe below for more on the belly dance technique) and more intense exercises such as Tai Chi or Yoga require a more relaxed posture (often, a natural one) which are helpful as this more relaxed posture helps prevent your breathing from becoming too fast and sharp.

Belly dancing requires you to find your natural breathing pattern and try it yourself without any help (it’s not taught in any books either). Your breath control is much better with the technique taught here (you could also start with breathing exercises instead), but breathing techniques should never replace Belly Dancing technique. A combination of both is best where body alignment and muscle tension is involved – for example, Tai Chi or Yoga is best done standing and Belly Dancing is best done sitting down, so in this case your posture can be more relaxed, your breathing patterns more relaxed and you need not be so rigid that there is no breathing control.

How can I get a body?

It’s important to realise that your body can change very quickly with a change in diet or lifestyle too. If you’re still not sure which way your Belly Dance body looks, I would first seek advice from a qualified Body Health Coach (a Body Body Therapist or an Eating Disorder Coach would be highly recommended).

Some people will tell you that there are many body types, so you don’t need to worry. But while it really is difficult to pick out any one body type, it

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