How can I learn dance at home? – Belly Dancing Scarves Amazon

The best way is by doing some lessons. If you are an experienced dancer (under 10) you could try dancing an evening of lessons before you move into dancing with an instructor. If this does not help, then consider finding some experienced dance teachers at home or at a dance studio.

When I dance at home, I practice a lot with friends. How can I be sure they are comfortable?

You should practice on your own, but if you already have a partner at home you can do a lot more than just dancing with your partner. There is nothing more fun than taking that awkward moment away from the dance floor.

I only want to dance with people I know, or they have taught me before, or all-male dance classes. What can I do?

If these are the answers to all your questions, or if you aren’t sure how to start with dance lessons, look for a coach. Be honest with yourself when you think your current dance instructor will only teach you one class a month, and if this is you, be prepared for someone to come by your practice space several times a month and check on your progress.

Most dancers who dance for a living come home to an instructor that they can be consistent with. The best places to start are teachers who have been doing that kind of work at least a few years, and also be open to dancing with all kinds of people, whether you are new, experienced, or both.

If you’d like a more formal approach…

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