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How do you have a baby?”

The question of who has the first word in “I’d like to draw a cow,” in either hand, is often debated among children. And, since there is no definitive answer, the topic has been the subject of debate since before they were born.

In September of 2014 I gave a talk at IFP that touched on my research on the role of visual and auditory imagery in creative thinking. During my presentation I gave an “introduction” talk focusing on a few key phenomena that were briefly discussed. Later that very same month a number of researchers, including my friend and colleague, Alex Tse, published an article appearing in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science (Co-authored on behalf of IFP). Alex had previously given a talk at the 2012 International Conference on Creativity/Psychology in Amsterdam under the name ‘Brain and Creativity’. In that talk, Alex explained how I was able to develop an analogy between visual and auditory imagery. Using his new analogy, it’s now clear that auditory and visual imagery can be easily distinguished. That, and his introduction, led to an amazing response from listeners to his article.

However, that reaction would have likely been lost. Alex’s article has been met by a barrage of criticism, both for the research he did and for the manner in which he did it – by using a relatively simple analogy. I decided that my role as a friend/teacher and my role as a researcher were better served by addressing those criticisms directly and addressing them in the best way possible. So I wrote this short article. I’d like to hear from the people reading this if my post was helpful to them – good or bad – and of course, I hope your opinion on the new research will be equally constructive. I will keep this piece here for another day and publish something else later in the evening. In the meantime, please take a look at the two related papers.

This was a response to a long post on the blog entitled ‘Why I Can’t Tell You How to do It But You Should Really Be Doing It’.

So, with this blog being a resource for researchers/speakers/journalists, please also feel free to send in your own thoughts on the topic…

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