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How far do you draw them? How long do they stand upright? How do the eyes of lamas look like? A lot of things. It took us two or three hours to do the kids’ faces because we wanted to capture them as vividly as possible. But we always wanted something that was interesting. At the end of the day in order to get the best effect out of a llama, we had to draw something for the child that matched the llama’s proportions, as well as his facial features and expressions. We took a lot of liberties as they were. We also experimented with many ways to get a good silhouette. We had to put it in the real world. It was a challenge for us to get something that looked like a real llama, whether in person or in the digital world.

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The first time we saw a llama, we saw in its natural habitat the best, and we were in awe of the llama’s amazing capabilities. It just looked so real, so real. We couldn’t believe this amazing animal. But after awhile, we realized the best images wouldn’t fit in a small frame. For me it makes sense, I think, to show the viewer the llama in all its majesty and majesty as if it were just there. When I was shooting for the film I thought an image that represents the majesty of an animal in a landscape would look natural and naturalistic and beautiful, while capturing all its details and being so real.

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It is the balance between realism and imagination. We never went around and drew cartoons, only real animals. The human eye is better equipped to judge the details of animals, and we use them more than the eye of a cartoon.

How do you handle a scene that you don’t believe in? You know, we shot at a location with mountains and you know, the natural world can sometimes just take you down. But still as children we always had these little things about llamas we wanted to capture. So it was like asking, what is the most perfect thing and the llama became the animal I loved to draw the most. I think some of the best pictures are the ones that take a moment from your life and put it into the life of this animal. A little bit of magic could bring this back to you.

I’ve always had an interest in nature and the landscape, so I went after a llama hunt the other day. We went out on the ice in the mountains on a

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