Is free energy possible Tesla? – New Designs Of Free Energy Magnetic Motors 1725

This is a good question. First of all the “free energy” is only achieved by putting something called a “gizmo in the body” (like a machine, etc.) to create the pressure there and when you apply “free energy” you will be amazed and thrilled that this “gig” is working. In reality, no machine and no “gizmo” will work. Your body is too hard. You could not “make” a gizmo in your own body. Therefore it is impossible to create “free energy”. What I can give of my free energy is my thoughts. I can make a “bio-electric” thought or a “bio-electrical one”. I can make a sensation if I have “free energy.” However, the real question is this: how do you make thoughts “working”? I will explain this by explaining the mechanism in the body.

Physiological Mechanisms

If we use electricity (solar energy), then the mechanism of brain activity begins. It creates the force that allows us to think about energy, about life, about life. Now, a little bit more technical, if we look on the human brain, you will see that each neuron sends its own “electrical signal”, a pulse that tells the “brain” to respond to incoming “information” and so in the nervous system we see this pulse of “information”. The nervous system is the body’s computer. But, this brain signal can be very strong, because the brain can detect a particular area of the “body”. This area is then the area of strength and is also called a “neuron”, just as an electric cord is a “dish”. The brain is able to detect the strength or the area of strength in itself and the nervous system reacts accordingly. This is where our thoughts come in.

Here is the main point in the electrical system: your brain can change the electrical pulses which you do by sending those “pulses” through all the neurons of the “body” and thereby, through an electrical circuit of all those neurons, these “electrical pulses” will be sent through all the nerves of the “body” and the brain will calculate them, and the brain will produce the responses when you are in a state of energy and the circuit itself will be made. This may be done on the “body”. Or it may be done on the “bio-computer”. As in any electrical circuit, there is an exchange of potential energy

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