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Delta H is an acronym for Double High-Reality, which is a term used to describe how people in the future see the world. We see the world as having much more diversity than what current life has to offer, meaning we see that there will be many types of people in the future. As a result, we will be able to see ourselves as being the ‘true’ person we were born to be, not just the person we have become and will. The Delta H RXN is the way that we can see the world, while we are still young, and see that this is just something we are.
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The name Delta H RXN, is a way that people in the future can have a better understanding of the world, and still be able to feel good about themselves.

The second part of the series that deals with the game of basketball, but the first time we actually get to play the sport with our own pros — the New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors.

They make for an interesting side-by-side comparison.

Let’s go first.

I remember when I picked up the Suns. I had never heard of the franchise, but I knew I wanted one of their jerseys — I wanted one of those jerseys that had Steve Nash on the chest. I didn’t have the credit or the opportunity to even think about it, just wanting one of them. After a long stint without owning any of a certain players, I just wanted to get it.

I remember a lot of kids in the stands. I remember a lot of kids watching. I remember that for me, just having the chance to be around it all made it so fun to see what people got excited about. As a kid, it was so exciting just seeing people getting excited about that game.

The Phoenix Suns were probably the most exciting team I ever played on. It was exciting to see and hear what they did, to see how they played. Their fans have changed my life. I don’t think people see how exciting it actually was having the chance to play on the same floor with them.

I still remember that game. It’s still kind of fresh for me, even a decade after. It’s still a lot of fun to see what they brought to the game, and to hear all the stuff that was said. It was very entertaining to watch, even 10 years later.

One of the things I can tell you, as a young kid, is that when you

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