Is it possible create energy? – Flywheel Free Energy Generator For Free Electricity Texas

It’s one thing to say, “let’s create energy,” but if you want to do it, you have need to realize that it’s a very long term goal. It’s really easy to think about a small piece of that pie. But for you to create energy, you have an army of people who are working to create energy. And so many people are working to create energy. We’re all working to support the movement. When it’s time, we are going to use that energy. Because at this point we have the energy. I understand people are worried that what they see from the government and they don’t like the government, so they’re not saying anything. “We won’t support the government,” is not a good strategy. It doesn’t mean you want to destroy the government that you’re protesting. And if you don’t want to destroy the government, then you better start talking about how you wouldn’t have to support the government if it didn’t want to build your house.”

The question we’re asking is what is the relationship in the US between the state and citizens of this country? We have a government that claims that it is all citizens. Is it democracy or is it an oligarchy? Is it good? Does it support property rights? Is it good that there is power in the hands of the few? When the state is not in the hands of the people, the people have no choice. So the state is in the hands of private property owners and corporate entities. We need to look at what is the relationship that is being created between the state and citizens and corporations. Forums-viewtopic-Tesla's Complex Field Generators ...

“There is no better place to live in the US than California. The only reason we are even in Los Angeles is because people get a shot at California. So I’m glad. I hope this brings some awareness to things. I hope that it can change things. I was going to make an issue of the fact that we have such a big issue with drug war, but we’re supposed to be so good guys. People, they’re really doing the best they can. My point is that people, they’re not doing their best, and that’s why we are in the position we’re in. So I think we shouldn’t be mad about it. So I’m hoping that people can get angry. I’m hoping that people can have some conversations. I’m hoping that they will actually go back and understand that there is a lot of people out there that really need to get their arms around this, that

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