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The trick of throwing more accurately is to learn the way that your body reacts to the ball to find the best way to throw it. You will begin to “hope,” to throw with confidence, because once you have confidence, “it is easier to throw faster,” explains Dr. Astrid Vidingen, a Sports Medicine professor in the U of T Sports Medicine Faculty. “You want to control things more than you did. You know more, but when you throw a fast game, you have to guess how to throw it.”

There are five main ways of throwing fast:

Slow throw. The fastest throw is to the ground to the opposite field of the ball. The fastest way to throw the ball to your feet is to stand about three feet from the ball and let your right hand go as fast as you can, then throw straight to the ground. In a sport like hockey, players make the final touch on their stick from a standing position before releasing it into the air. This is why a player can make quick, perfect, and accurate throws without ever stepping down to the ice.

Quick throw. For most players, this is the easiest way to throw fast. It is easier, but it is very difficult to throw at an angle. In a sport like soccer, players make a big jump to get to the ball and throw it to each other. This may seem like easy, but it is not. A soccer player needs to throw a ball about half the distance of a baseball, or a ball from an 18-inch hoop should be thrown 45 feet.

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Hitch throw. Most of baseball’s best players throw to the ground. When they throw behind their target, they often get to the ground quicker and their fastball has increased in velocity. Another reason for this is that a baseball has so few places to bounce off, and a high-waisted baseball gives the players more control and makes the shot easier. The catch must be precise, but with a baseball, you can catch the ball.

Slower throw. When you slow down your throw, the pitcher can catch the ball better. You can hold the ball longer or even hold a ball in front of you to throw it quicker. You still get to the strike zone quicker, but you can catch more, and that extra speed may make the pitch more in the upper half of the zone, so it stays in the zone longer.

High throw. You can throw fast or slow, but the highest pitch

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