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I’m not sure. I guess you just take the dummy out of the refrigerator, and put it away in a small bag, then you put the bag back in there – like you put a bag in the refrigerator and turn it on to warm up. Well, it’s been working since I’ve seen it… I’ve got all of my equipment there – and it’s about time you know. Well, I did it. You know how I know it won’t go missing? Because we’ve had it there the last two weeks, and you never left it there.”

But there were other clues. According to the report, one week prior to the incident, the family did not have any food items left in the refrigerator – except for the child’s birthday cake, which they were still preparing.

That is where the next clue came and went. Family members said that when they called the Department of Agriculture in Atlanta, the agent told them that the child’s grandmother – who has lived in a farm for many years – had been hospitalized the previous month, and that all their food had been stolen. The agent added that the grandmother was receiving treatment and was in good condition.

Family members also said that the agency never contacted the family about them missing food, despite the fact that they had called the agency numerous times by phone and by letter asking about the case. The family was also told that the grandparents were “in a poor health”. The agent was only ever told that the grandmother “has a chronic illness”.

In contrast, in a letter dated April 21, 2016, written by an OPCA spokeswoman, the agency said that the grandparents “have recently returned from an extended trip and may be ill in the meantime”.

The agency even advised this family – which, in spite of the circumstances, had not previously contacted OPCA at any other time with their missing food, and who had been reported missing in the past by OPCA – to call for assistance immediately:

We are concerned about the welfare of this particular family.

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While the OPCA said it was sorry the family was “disappointed” with the agency, it stressed that this was not a failure of communication.

Instead, officials blamed the “overlap” between two previous cases that occurred two and a half years apart. These previous cases occurred in Georgia, and in May 2015, in North Carolina. However, the family in Florida was not only missing food, they were also also missing the food that had

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