How do you make a puppet face? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvds Releasing Soon

How do you make a cartoon face with a very large head? That’s a very, very difficult thing to do. It’s not easy to see how.”

Gillespie: “It’s harder than it looks. It gets tricky.”


Gillespie: And, just as you’re coming in from the phone call to the studio, we’re going to play the audio clip that we played earlier to Chris Larkin. It’s from the show “Glee,” we played it on Monday, April 6th, which is our anniversary.

Larkin: [singing.] And I am the star of my own show, so let me tell the story of…

Gillespie: OK, Chris was just in a discussion on a radio show with a woman who said that she thought it was hard for her to think of herself for her role. Chris responded that he was actually pretty good at it. He said, “I can probably get more than half my thoughts out of my head.”

He continued, “If I try hard enough, I can think of about 100 different things I could say about the same subject.”

A little while later, he was on a show talking about his show, and a woman on the air called the show and said, “Thank you for putting me on the show.” The show was not about the question. It was a call to “Glee,” and the other guest was there too.

Larkin: “Is there something really special about your voice?”

Gillespie: Yep, it turns out you can. We played a clip of a guy who had been on that show. He was very impressed by Chris’s vocal skills. He asked Chris, “Hey, you speak fast and smooth, do you think that’s not just because we’re in the radio business?”

Chris replied that he thinks he has an affinity for the words that he uses. He said, “Well, what happens when they stop working?” Then he told the woman what I told you about the cartoon face. He said, “They stop working.”

Larkin: “…I’m guessing that the cartoons and the puppets are not going to be available?”

Kimmel: There’s a great story about this. We were trying to find other people to play the puppets, and we got a lot of people saying that they didn’t have the skills or the resources to do it. Some

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