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How do you put food into a hollow of a pig?” How, indeed!

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The “Puppet Master” was an early part of the American cinema as described by Mr. Kogan as a “toys-in-the-box” fantasy which became “the first great American genre piece”, “a real “giant” as the French and German movies called it …, a “puppet”, though it was not a machine, but a series of toys, a set of puppets, a movie-within-a-movie …, a sort of pseudo-live performance” (Kogan). While it is the American cinema which created the concept of the puppet, in the second half of its career (1941–1955), “animation,” the technique of motion capture (aka Computer Animation) gave birth to a host of new techniques.

“Cinematography is an art whose essence is that of a film-making craft. The motion-picture artist has the task only of creating a three-dimensional representation of the scene in motion; the camera is an instrument which can manipulate a moving image in the image. The same principle applies to the motion-picture and sound artist, who must create an impression which can be manipulated by the camera. It follows that the artist is not confined to the limitations of his tool, but has a right to manipulate the image he is creating.” (Kogan)

Mr. Kogan is not alone in this opinion, and I’m not the first person to make this observation, but it is a clear and essential aspect of that argument: Animation produces what could be called a visual representation of the film-in-motion, but it does not give a complete picture. In many ways it cannot. Motion capture is the art of creating an illusion of motion.

Animators and storytellers employ a variety of technologies to achieve such a representation, such as special effects (motion capture), animation (3D printing), CGI (computer graphics), and animation (Computer Vision), all derived from the motion-picture method.

For example: For a motion capture, the subject is held still without their head, limbs or feet moving. The animation is thus created by moving a model in an area of a virtual world, with the model moving around in it.

CGI has three ways to create a model of a body or scene: motion, which is what a motion capture is all about; model, which is animation; and rendering (what

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