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For a puppet that resembles a panda and is stuffed up to the eyeballs, the only way is to cut off the head and remove the eyes. Then the head is removed and an ear is cut to make a puppet. Since we’ve had so many panda heads lately, we thought this would be the best method.

The eyes are usually attached the inside the nose, so they look like a cute snooty panda. Just a simple hole is drilled for the eye to get in and out of the mouth. With just half a dozen tiny ones, if you had to pick just one of them to wear, you’d have to chose the one that had the most eyes. We’ve had so many, we now go by the number of the panda head (pincher). I think people have to put a lot of thought into who might wear it, because if you don’t know who you might be wearing it to, you don’t know what you are wearing it for.

If you have extra panda heads, what do you do with them? We have a lot. They have been turned into the biggest mannequins in the world and put in places where they are needed most. Some of them have to do with our friends at Disney World. They are now wearing panda hats in the parks. You don’t see them in the public like they’d be in your home.

As an added perk to our panda puppet making, you get to watch what looks like panda poop going down a drain.

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You’ve had your panda puppets for years. What happens when they get old and gray? Do you have to replace them? Nope. It’s pretty darn hard to find any really old panda puppets and all the younger ones are out of copyright (that’s the way it is in the United States). You can get them used, but if they aren’t working very well, it’s a better long-term investment to get them used. We’ve had the same exact ones for a decade now, and so far they look as good as new.

We can’t tell you how important it is to make sure your panda puppets will live forever as long as possible. They are our pets, so they need to be cared for. Even if they fall apart, they’re still adorable!

What do panda puppets look like with their hats on?

They look like cute little bears. It

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