How do you make easy puppets at home? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Youtube Kids Movies

How do you make sure the pieces stay in place?

The first part is simple, you put an end cap on each puppet, attach to the base, and you’re setup. The rest takes a bit of getting used to.

First, make a base for each puppet. I used this base that came with a standard doll’s eye, but the instructions for getting a perfect one for your pet are in the section above. You’ll also need a small flat board for your base, which you can find here, and it has two holes to put the wires in.

The first is to make sure the wires are positioned for each individual eye, so you don’t have to make two eye wires for each eye: make sure the holes are slightly larger for each eye (see picture above), and the small holes will sit up against the base. Also make sure the top part of the eye is not too hard — just enough to give the wires a little pressure, but not to make your pet jump out the top as I did with my cats, who ended up in the sink.

The second is to ensure the wires are going in the right place.

The first one is to make sure the wires are straight, or your puppet won’t turn around. The second is to find where on the paper the wires should be. They’re in the picture above, but there are two different ways to figure out which wire you’re supposed to go through, and you’ll need the right side of the paper to do it.

Don’t put wires down too low. If you’re making these for cats, you should probably put them lower than your average cat’s eye. A cat eye is about 1/4″ to 1/3 inch thick, so if you want to attach it to a table, make sure your wires are in the right spots. You can also put the wires down quite a bit, but the wires will pull the paper out, so don’t use too much cable. It’ll make your cat jump out the top, and that’s probably not the best thing you’d want about this. And, if you’ve attached wires to your desk, you’d be able to pull out this eye and put it down on the floor if you wanted to do that. These wires are very thick anyway.

This is where I found my favorite table for attaching wires.

I set my wires in a straight line in about 1/8″ from each other to be safe.

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