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Noise-sensitive tumours like Crohn’s Disease cannot be cured by drugs alone. That means other treatments like biotin (which is already approved for use in Crohn’s Disease) or piperacillin A (used in certain pediatric and adult cancers) would have to be taken for years to help the disease.

This is why we are seeking approval to use one of the most powerful molecules in Crohn’s Disease to trigger a type of immune rejection called T cell proliferation. It will not only save lives and dramatically improve quality of life, but also help us to understand why Crohn’s Disease has evolved so much over a millennia.

How does this work?

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You see, one of my most exciting discoveries so far has shown that the mechanism behind Crohn’s Disease is very similar to other autoimmune diseases, which are caused when cells from the immune system attack the lining of digestive tracts as well as the body’s organs.

The only difference is that these other diseases have many different autoimmune trigger mechanisms that all work at very disparate levels.

The only common thread has turned out be our immune system’s ability to recognize certain microbes, and it turns out that these same microbes are found throughout the gastrointestinal tract. If we can identify the precise types of microbes that attack Crohn’s Disease, we could find ways to block or stop these attacks from ever happening.

How often do you have Crohn’s Disease? Do many patients still need antibiotic treatment?

The way that Crohn’s has evolved over time is fascinating because we often think of autoimmune disorders the same way we think of cancer.

For example, doctors routinely use antibiotics in children with sickle-cell anemia, because it is one of their only treatments that has been proven to work. This treatment works only at a select few cases, and is only given after multiple, unsuccessful, experimental drugs failed to work properly in these infants.

But this thinking is incomplete. This treatment also is only given at a select few cases, and is only proven after multiple, unsuccessful, experimental drugs failed to work properly in these infants. So how exactly is this approach even a viable treatment to begin with? If it does not work, why would doctors still give it up to fight other diseases?

Our new approach to Crohn’s is not going to change the fact that many of us go to the doctor multiple times every week to be tested for the most common bacterial infections, because we have no good understanding of who

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