How far can a ventriloquist throw their voice? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Dvd Player

How hard can they throw? How far can they throw? How much does their arm have to move before the sound goes away or gets too loud? Do they actually manage to move their arms in an arc so the sound starts out high up in the chest and moves slowly down into the arms?

So there’s the big test. How can you do it? You have to create a way of putting all the pieces together to make the right sound. You have to create a way of doing it that has the sound that you want. And it’s only worth doing if it feels natural, and you’re not just talking in your head.

It is a very difficult task, and is even more so for someone who has not had the experience or even the training for it. You can find out much about getting started with voices in this article. But in the mean time here are a few tips to go along with your research.

Take a walk in their voice

If you have a good feel for their voice, start to listen at different points of their voice. You might imagine it as a line between the lines you know you are thinking or making a sound. By doing this you can understand if they are really turning a line of dialogue into something else, which is the way actors often do.

If you are sitting in the room with them and they are using a phrase you are not familiar with, just start looking for the place where that line is, as the words don’t disappear. Go to the exact same scene; in your mind’s eye. Are there a number of words in front of the phrase, and do different sentences for them? Are more sentences in between? Does it just go in a circle or do they sometimes change the tone depending on what they are thinking?

This is all a little bit of trial and error; but is important. If your first impression of their voice was that it was too harsh or too soft, then you are on to the wrong road. Try to work towards an emotionless pitch, and try to put all your attention in that area. You want to have all the words in the sentences sound natural so that when you hear them a third time, they’ll almost definitely be making sounds in that area of the voice that you are imagining.

Make sure their body moves

When it comes right down to it, if you don’t make a connection with their voice on those two things, the words they are saying will not have a connection

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