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It is possible to make a live model of a puppet – the part that makes the puppet move and respond to you – but you need to build it from scratch. Using a 3D printer allows you to make a puppet and get it on screen for the first time. There are also online communities that can help you build, maintain and display your puppet. The puppets I use are made in The Workshop.

How are people affected by the effects of climate change?

Puppets can be affected by the world being warmer and the amount of energy we burn every year. But, puppets can also act positively toward the world and the world. Some puppets have special traits which are beneficial to them and others cannot. I find it very satisfying to create a puppet that supports the environment and the world we live in, because I believe it is the job of a character to be positive and uplifting.

What would you say are the most important roles a puppet can play?

I would say that puppets can serve as a catalyst for people. I often take puppets out of the environment and place them in our communities or buildings as a statement to share with people and encourage them to do the same.

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Do I have to wear a costume?

Yes. You must wear a white mask which identifies yourself as a puppet. A good costume can make the puppets stand out from other characters in a community or a building. Also, you may wear a costume which says “puppets are for puppets”, where each word will be associated with one of the words that come next. (For example, “puppets for a peaceful environment”.)

How do these puppets move and laugh?

My puppets are all made from cardboard or foam puppets that are made from the right materials. They are usually constructed in stages as I move them around. The puppeteers I use have extensive experience with puppets in the past and know what they are capable of.

How can someone who doesn’t have the necessary skills to make a live model do any useful work?

Yes. Anyone can give out puppets to their community. For example, if you’re the puppeteer for a park in an urban area, a lot of people will come down to use puppets, even if they don’t have the skills for creating puppets themselves. You can also bring in your puppets to do work for you. Your puppets can be

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