Is Rex from Victorious real? – How To Learn Faster Than Others

No. It’s a parody, like many other parody sketches on this podcast. It got us in a bad mood, though, so it didn’t get us too far. But it still has a lot of funny punch lines for us to chew on. We’ll have a lot more to say and watch on the Victorious show next week, when I will be taking over for Jon at the desk, so be sure to stay tuned.

You have a very active social media website where you do interviews with fans. How does that go over with you?

I have really great memories on that site, actually. I did a show on Twitter and was a really good interviewer for our fans. I learned something new from every interaction with the fans I had, not just when I was on Twitter, but when I was on Instagram and Facebook as well. That was really valuable for me. I learned a lot from those interviews, and I had fun doing them. I’m always very grateful for how much I get to do and can do.

I feel like there is something different about you right now. You are very confident of your music, while still showing a very humble face. How do you manage that?

I think that is something I’ve always learned. That can be helpful if I am nervous, especially when I’m playing live and people are in the audience. But I also think that just makes me a better person in general when I am confident, even when I am at a loss. That helps me in a way.
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I have had a lot of great experiences when I’ve lost so much confidence in the face that I am giving off. That can be really hard. It’s hard to tell where that confidence begins and ends. I think it helps you to find it in the midst of the chaos that is life.

When you say to yourself, “My band has to go on tour,” are you ever afraid you won’t be able to do that on your own?

I do. It’s scary. I get nervous, which is fine. It’s a scary time in your life. But I do take it seriously in this respect.

When did you first learn it was okay to take responsibility for your own self?

I think it’s a really strong, positive thing. I’ve always tried to take control of my own destiny and the direction of my own life. In a lot of ways, we’re not always successful as artists.

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