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“When I was in the band I was playing for some real big names, and when I sang in a group, not many people knew who I was. But there were always songs to hear me sing when I was still a kid. One of the worst songs was ‘I’m on the Moon,’ when I was a ten-year-old kid. It was a stupid song because it just said, ‘I’m looking at you now from a place far far away.'” He laughs. “But I’d sing it to anyone; I didn’t even think about writing the lyrics until two or three years after the fact.”

So you wrote it after the fact?

“Yes. I can’t go back to when I was playing for the band because if I’d written all that would’ve been my downfall. Instead, it’s made me such a better singer, because it taught me that I have an ability to sing. I have a knack in the sense that I can sing. It’s helped me to be in bands that have never gone anywhere. But at the same time, even if I’m not singing in my band’s music, I never write or perform about it—it’s like, ‘Let’s do these songs.’ That’s where the fun, though. I’ve just never written any lyrics for the songs I’m singing.”

The same thing goes with ‘Losing My Edge’ the next night, with the same sort of effect. He has a different take on it than the first time he played it—a different version, as it were—on record.

“It’s still the same song, of course. There’s just a little bit more life, an element of emotion. It’s an expression of loss, and sadness—it’s like, ‘I lost both my parents just now.’ If you think about your own parents or grandparents, and the circumstances that brought those people to this world, they have more of an impact on your life and your emotional life. It’s what you talk to them about, it’s what brings up memories for them, it’s what they give you to eat, it’s what helps you get along with people in general. And those things have a big effect on your emotional life. And this, at the same time, shows a lot of how happy I am. I’ve never felt happier.”

What’s the mood you sing in the live show, too? What’s going through your mind the whole time?

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