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Terry Fator is the Director of Football and Marketing for the Atlanta Falcons, but he is paid more than most NFL players are paid. A recent article on the FoxSports.com said that he made $2.5 million in all of 2013, which makes him one of the most highly paid players in the NFL. His salary is not the highest in the NFL, but it is the highest to make the roster at that position. In fact, Fator ranks in the top 25 players in the NFL for overall annual compensation (click here to check the list). Here is a graph to help you understand how the Atlanta Falcons compensated their players.

How is Fator compensated?

While there are more than two full time jobs within the Atlanta Falcons organization, the majority of those jobs are not payed by the NFL team. For example, General Manager Rich McKay has a base salary and bonuses, which are usually given to new general managers.

The Atlanta Falcons were one of 10 NFL teams to pay a player a bonus that is greater than his base salary. The total amount was over $3 million by the Los Angeles Rams, Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baltimore Ravens, San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Rowdies and Seattle Seahawks.

While he makes a significant amount of money, Fator is paid for every play, every single time he touches the ball for the Atlanta Falcons. He plays for less than $500,000 a year. This salary is paid out each year as a bonus based on playing time and performance.

Did Terry Fator leave the Atlanta Falcons or was he just released?

No, he left the Atlanta Falcons in August of 2014 – just one month after winning the Super Bowl. Here is how his contract ended up being released by the team

How much was Terry Fator’s contract?

Fator’s salary for 2014 is just under $1.45 million.

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While he has been a big reason for success for the Atlanta Falcons this year, the biggest reason for his success is his role within the organization. He is often the main connection for Falcons fans, and his play on the field has become a huge part of the success for the team this year.

If the Falcons were to promote a player outside of their current roster, whether via free agency or an unrestricted free agent, the chances of them landing the player might be less. When the team decides to promote a player

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